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Rincon Research Corporation’s E2S2 is becoming deprecated. It is a second generation, bidirectional, Ethernet-to-serial converter card with USB, RS-232, I2C, and GPIO capability. It enables a single Ethernet control port for a chassis or other complex system. E2S2 is a flexible system supervisor and system controller. It ties together a variety of system components for remote management, including fans, USB devices, Ethernet devices, analog sensors, and digital sensors.


  • Managed or unmanaged 6-port Ethernet switch
    • Includes distributed switch architecture (DSA) capabilities to allow the host to control each port individually
  • Command and control via 10/100/1000 Ethernet or web API
  • Up to 9 RS-232 serial ports
  • USB host with integrated 12-port hub, including 2 ports with standby power
  • Includes 48 GPIO pins with High, Low, Rising Edge, Falling Edge, Double Edge, or tachometer input modes and High, Low, or 12.5 kHz PWM output modes
  • ADC with eight channels
  • Dedicated I2C and SPI buses for off-board communications
  • Two input power options: 5 V, 3-pin, Micro-Fit connector; 6 V to 36 V, 2-pin Mini-Fit connector
  • Supports encryption keys on the FPGA


Download the E2S2 Product Brief.


Orderable Part Numbers:

  • E2S2 Ethernet to serial adapter

Other configurations are possible. Please contact us if you are interested in customizing a product to your specific requirements.

Orders may be placed via e-mail, telephone, fax, or mail.

Commercial Price List available upon request.

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Technical Specifications

Power Connectors

3-pin Micro-Fit (5 V), 2-pin Mini-Fit (6 V to 36 V)

Board Power

5 W (typ). Capable of supplying full power to all USB ports (an additional 30 W)


USB 2.0
8 USB type-A connectors, 4 JST connectors


9 JST 3-wire connectors






Up to 48 GPIO pins


12 bits, 8 channels, 125 kSPS, 0 V to 1 V voltage limit

Command and Control

10/100/1000 Ethernet, RJ45

Ethernet Switch

5 ports 10/100/1000 Ethernet, RJ45

Dimensions & Weight

3.876” x 3.876” (9.85 cm x 9.85 cm), 4.89 oz