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Rincon Research Corporation’s (RRC) RFXR is becoming deprecated. It is a compact, low-power RF transceiver. When combined with the LPFE base card, numerous software-defined radio (SDR) and digital signal processing (DSP) applications are possible, many of which can operate standalone, without a host server or laptop. Typical applications include:

  • Signal modulation and demodulation
  • F1/F2 coherent RF repeater
  • RF to disk
  • Test signal/beacon transmitter, aligned to external 1 PPS and 10 MHz signals
  • Sub-band tuning and channelizing
  • RF-to-packets for RF signal transport over networks (digital IF)
  • RFXR is based on the Analog Devices AD9361 transceiver IC. This IC contains direct-conversion architecture (zero IF or I/Q) dual-channel receivers and transmitters. RRC has carefully engineered the receiver front-end circuitry to achieve high performance without the need for external filters or LNAs.

The receive channels share a common receiver LO, can tune from 70 MHz to 6 GHz, and offer a runtime configurable IF bandwidth from 200 kHz to 56 MHz. Receiver gain can be independently adjusted from 1 dB to 60 dB in 1 dB steps.

The transmit channels share a common transmitter LO, can tune from 70 MHz to 6 GHz, and also offer runtime configurable IF bandwidth. Maximum transmitter power is about +4 dBm, with more than 90 dB adjustment range in ¼ dB steps.

RRC’s RFXR interface IP provides high-accuracy, high-precision time-tagging of receiver data. Even at low sample rates, our time-tags are accurate to within a few nanoseconds, providing true sub-sample precision for demanding applications!

RFXR is a core component of the MBRA2 RFXR SIGINT recorder and the LPFE RFXR MountainBrik™ systems.


  • 70 MHz to 6 GHz MIMO-capable transceiver, Analog Devices AD9361
  • High-performance front-end receiver circuitry with LNA and pre-selector
  • Control over the web with RRC’s embedded Linux API
  • High-precision, high-accuracy time-tagging capability
  • Integrated shield for low EMI
  • Custom heatsinks available


Download the xSDR Family Product Brief for more information about the other members of the xSDR product family.


Orderable Part Numbers:

  • LPM-RFXR-0200 70 MHz to 6 GHz MIMO Transceiver

Other configurations are possible. Please contact us if you are interested in customizing a product to your specific requirements.

Orders may be placed via e-mail, telephone, fax, or mail.

Commercial Price List available upon request.

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Fax: 520-519-3120
Mail: Rincon Research Corporation
Attention: Sales
101 North Wilmot Road, Suite 101
Tucson, AZ 85711

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Technical Specifications

Tuning Range

70 MHz to 6 GHz

IF Bandwidth

250 kHz to 56 MHz (runtime configurable)


4-band RX

Power Consumption

< 3 W (typ) RFXR board only

ADC Resolution

12 bit

Gain Adjustment Range

1 dB to 60 dB, 1 dB steps

Phase Noise (1 kHz to 1 MHz)

0.11° at 100 MHz, 0.26° at 1 GHz, 0.52° at 2.5 GHz, 1.3° at 6 GHz
Accepts optional external LO

Two-Tone SFDR

> 72 dB (typ)

I/Q Image and DC Cancellation

> 80 dBc (typ)

Noise Figure

5 dB to 7 dB (typ)

Sample Rate

0.25 MSPS to 61.44 MSPS (I and Q)

DAC Resolution

12 bit

FIR Taps

Up to 128 (runtime configurable)

Output Power Attenuation Range

0 dB to 89.75 dB, 0.25 dB steps

Full-scale Transmit Power (CW)

+4 dBm (max), 0 dBm (typ), -4 dBm (min)

RF (carrier) Harmonics

3*fLO: -10 dBc, 5*fLO: -15 dBc (typ)

Dimensions & Weight

3.34” x 1.83” x 0.58” (84.7 mm x 46.4 mm x 14.7 mm) (with connectors)
2.835” x 1.825” (without connectors)
1.94 oz (55 g)